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Is it possible to setup reverse DNS?

Is it possible to:

(1) Set the reverse DNS (PTR record) for a SpinUp IP address, ex. for an e-mail server?  Keep in mind, it's not necessary to accept incoming e-mail (using that hostname/IP) to still want to just send legitimate outbound e-mail.  (Ex. postmaster@ addresses are elsewhere, ... using SpinUp as a part of a multi-home setup, and so on).

I understand spam can be an issue.  However, I have a valid US credit card attached to my account, and would be happy to provide further validation if necessary.

(2) I do not need this at the moment, but it would be good to know long-term: Is it possible to have SpinUp delegate the reverse DNS (the PTR record or records) of IP addresses within my account to a DNS server that I operate and manage? 

I can understand it may be necessary to display a level of competency here, as well as a legitimate justification.  However, assuming that both of those conditions are met.  

(3) Related to the above, is it possible to get a small contiguous block of IP addresses?  Say something as simple as a /28 which is 16 IP addresses in a row.  This is assuming that I was ready to immediately, or already had that many instances running within my SpinUp account.  I ask this because many hosts do not want to delegate a single PTR record but require a minimum of a /28 or sometimes even a /24 to allow delegation of reverse DNS PTR records.

I couldn't find the answers to these anywhere, and thought that surely someone else would have the question in the future.  Thanks!

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  • Hello,

    1) At the moment customers are unable to update their own RDNS records within the control panel however we are actively working on this feature and the feature request may be tracked here - https://community.spinup.com/t/18v5ak/self-service-reverse-dns-records. In the meantime please do not hesitate to raise a support ticket within the control panel to request RDNS records to be added and a member of our team will be more than happy to apply these for you.

    2) With our current architecture it is not possible to delegate RDNS record management to an alternative name server but we are implementing a RESTful API to allow management of your SpinUp resources including Reverse DNS.

    3) Due to our current architecture we are not able to provide complete subnets for customers however, we can provide additional IP addresses from a pool upon request. Each of these additional IPs may have their own RDNS records configured. Please upvote the following feature request to encourage prioritisation of this issue https://community.spinup.com/t/h492wr/additional-ips-cloud-servers.

    Please let us know if you require any further details.

    Best Regards,


    - SpinUp Support

  • Good Afternoon,

    Just to let you know Reverse DNS has now been implemented in our control panel and can be set for each IP allocated to your Cloud Server. Navigate to the server you wish to set Reverse DNS entries for and scroll down to the Network / IP Address table. Edit Reverse DNS buttons should now be visible.


    Best Regards,


    -SpinUp Support

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